Individually. User-friendly. Powerful.
Plant engineering

Because of our experience in contract heat treatment, we know exactly what a powerful, intuitively operated system needs. With expert knowledge and a practice-oriented view, we develop individual heat treatment systems for plasma nitriding, plasma nitrocarburizing and oxidizing.

In addition to various standard solutions, we also plan and design customized special solutions that are precisely matched to your treatment task:

Pulsmaster Plus 30: plasma nitriding systems in compact design
Pulsmaster Plus 100: tandem plant

Plasma nitriding systems in compact design are ideally suited for companies that regularly treat parts with the process and want to establish an in-house solution. The systems are suitable for short processes in 24h intervals, but also for long-term and cost-efficient special processes.

Tandem plants work with two recipients and a central control system. While the treatment is running in the first recipient, the second recipient can already be prepared for the next process. Once the treatment in the first recipient has been completed, it can begin in the second – while the batch being treated is still cooling down. In this way, the plant ensures high throughput rates, well thought-out workflows and efficient plant utilization.

Performance & potential of our plant technology:

  • low treatment temperatures
  • low energy consumption
  • simple and intuitive operation
  • safe and environmentally friendly process
  • Surface hardening of all types of steel, from low-alloy mild steel to stainless steel

When planning your plant, we combine proven principles with state-of-the-art technologies. The design is carried out using the latest CAD and FEM software. Thus we are able to design a tailor-made solution for every application.

Comprehensive service from the first consultation

We know about the relevance of a well-founded expert advice. Therefore, the planning and construction of your system is preceded by a precise recording of the specific treatment task. Even after completion of your plant, we will naturally remain at your side.


In the course of commissioning, we train your team in all areas of system use and maintenance. The operating personnel are comprehensively informed about the various possibilities of the plasma nitriding system/process elements and precisely instructed by us.

Maintenance, repair & spare parts supply

We take over the regular maintenance of your system and are also quickly on the spot in case of a defect. A preferably immediate delivery of spare pieces and repair has highest priority.